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About Us

BDA design takes pride in our commitment to excellence, in our reputation as partners in the design process and in our ability to provide an outstanding finished product. As a leading design-based structural engineering firm, we specialize in the design and planning of public and private projects, including:


  • Adaptive Reuse Buildings

  • Churches and Worship Centers

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Custom Homes

  • Government and Municipal Facilities

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Retail Centers

  • Schools and Education Facilities

  • Parking Structures

  • Public Art Projects

  • Wineries


Please visit our online portfolio to view some of our outstanding work.


BDA design provides creative and award-winning structural design services, including:
  • Feasibility Studies                        

  • Concept Consultation   

  • Pre-Design Planning                   

  • Structural Design

  • Structural Analysis                       

  • Structural Inspections                 


Materials Expertise
  • Concrete

  • Wood

  • Steel

  • Timber

  • Precast Concrete    


Professional Registration
  • Arizona

  • Colorado

  • Oregon

  • Texas

  • Utah

  • Washington





Starting a design-based structural engineering firm was one of my

original goals in life. I have spent my career following my desire to creatively blend structural design and architecture. Most structural firms do engineering design in a black box with little regard given to the architecture. This results in structural systems that solve the problem, but often not creatively. These solutions are done exclusive of the valuable integration into and with the architecture. Our firm takes an iterative and collaborative approach throughout the design process that I’m extremely proud of, and that our clients value.


Coolest experience:

I’ve always believed that you need to do it to design it. During the design of the ski jumps for the 2002 Winter Olympics, I went to Finland and learned to jump which influenced how I designed the two ski jumps in Utah. 



Creative Design, Structural Design, Design Integration, Project Management, Team Management, Budgeting, Scheduling



Stanford University (ABD, Design Engineering – Knowledge-Based Systems); Georgia Institute of Technology (Master’s in Structural Engineering); Texas A&M University (Bachelor’s in Structural Engineering and Architecture)

Greg Brickey website bio photo.jpeg
Greg Brickey
Founder & Principal

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